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Rizme shop offer stores the opportunity to digitally transform through many services, such as E-commerce application & Point of sale and feedback system to track your customer’s feedback , providing a better experience for your customers and reducing your operating costs

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Integrated services

All services are integrated, which means you can manage your entire store through our services

Rizme shop services

we designed the services to help you as a business owner or manager to improve the customer experience for your brand and reduce the operation costs

Mobile application for your brand

A mobile application for your brand that helps your customers reach you anywhere, track the behavior of your customers and collect data that helps you grow your business

Feedback system

start improving your quality by tracking your customer's feedback 


Point of sale

The available point of sale supports desktop devices, mobiles and tablets

We made this services to solve your problems.

Customize your application

A unique experience for your brand, and special features for your customers

Multi-pickup methods

Multiple pickup methods such as delivery, branch pickup, and drive thru

Online payment integration

integration with of different payment gateway such as Cowpay , Hyperpay , Fawterk

Order tracking

Real-time tracking of orders and quick tools for the operational team


Alerts system to alert your customers about the status of the order and announcements


Multiple branch support

Stock management

Tracking quantities in warehouses, and notifications when stock runs out

Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration to track customers behaviors & visits and events

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